My story

You can look at some one and think they seem like the happiest person alive. However on the inside that person could be truly dying inside, we don’t know how any one is feeling we can’t tell just by looking at them. This only came to light to me on may the 2nd 2015… the day my life changed forever and a piece of my heart was shattered …

I lost my best friend – my brother. Now for those of you who have lost some one you will know how much that pain hurts, well only on this day did I feel what true heart break felt like.

The day that mental health took my brother from me.

Some one who was well known, well loved and had so much spirit and was the most selfless and generous heart warming, funniest person you could meet – how could some one like this be taken by such an illness.

I could never get my head around it but truly we don’t know how another one feels, there’s so much stigma surrounding mental health people feel trapped and isolated and don’t know where to go for help.

I want to make a difference and be there for those who need to talk, be there for those who feel alone. This tragic event in my life has made me want to help and support others who are/have experienced similar things.

I started to make jewellery in memory of my brother, where the name was inspired by his initials JSM, where any proceeds I make go to the charity MIND. Feel free to browse the pictures or contact me to order yours 🦋