Mental health awareness week ðŸ¦‹

Every one will always see mental health in different ways and have different views. However if you have experienced it, lost some one from it or even know some one who suffers from it you will know how hard it is so have this illness.

We may not be able to see it and it’s not always as easy to just shake it off and feel okay again, I think if it was that easy every one would do that, people don’t chose to not feel okay. I guess because we can’t see it people just shrug it off .. which makes people feel alone and not able to talk.

There is so much help out there and support it’s just having the confidence to seek it, I know it can feel over whelming or scary but take one step at a time.

It’s okay to not be okay, and there’s so many of us who want to help and listen.

I lost my brother and there is so many ifs and buts and what ifs, I wish I could have helped him when he needed it the most.

Don’t suffer in silence because like my brother there was so many people who would have helped him if only he spoke out.

Have a good weekend and remember keep smiling even if it is hard ⭐️

N x


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