Let’s talk about it 

May is mental health awareness month…

You know it’s okay to not be okay, don’t feel like your on your own there are so many people who will give an ear for you to talk and me being one of them people. 

I know it’s hard and sometimes you will feel anxious or struggle to get out of bed and those who have never felt like this find it hard to understand. It’s a illness and a very horrible one to say the least but if we spoke about it more people would not feel alone, if people shared there experiences others may find it easier to talk.

So I’ll share mine, sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days after losing my brother it got harder I have such a loving boyfriend and the most amazing son and my mum is my best friend and I have great support from my brother and Nan, auntie and my close friends. I have a roof over my head and should be lucky for the things I’ve had in life. But you see it’s not always easy to remember all these things I’m lucky for because some times anixety takes over and I can’t get out the house or I don’t want to see any one. 

I struggle to talk about things some times and I find it easier to write it all down like I am today. I get my up days and I most certainly get my down days but come on who doesn’t, it’s just having the strength to talk about your problems or that your nervous going into a busy place but you can’t even explain why your so nervous. 

It is okay to not be okay, people won’t judge you. And your friends and family will be there to help, it just helps more if you can learn to talk about things openly but one step at a time.

Let’s stick together and break down this stigma 🌈💙🌎


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