Bank holiday weekend 🦋

To the weekend I’ve been dreading, 

 So thank god it’s Friday, a long weekend off .. 

For me their not my thoughts, two years ago my life changed forever. Where has the time gone, makes you realise how precious life is. 

As most of you are aware on the 2nd of may I lost my brother to mental health and as each day goes by it’s just got harder, I’ve just learnt how to deal with his parting. 

However this weekend for me and my family will be a reminder of what happened two years ago the day our hearts broke. 

This weekend I want to remember him for all his funny moments and the precious times we shared. I always say now, ‘take so many photos that your albums are full’ because you just don’t know when the last time is with a special someone. So we have the memories to hold on to and thank god I am camera happy lol 😂.

I have the most funny memories with my brother, and my most favourite memories were made with him

Memories will last a life time, so even though it’s such a sad time try and focus on the good.

And forever ever I will say this never feel alone, always talk about how you feel I know it can be hard but people want to help no one wants any one to suffer in silence.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend 💋


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