The day some people dread – Monday ðŸ™ˆ

Treat today like any other day, turn them negative thoughts into positive. 

I’m trying to keep positive, it’s a week tomorrow that I lost my brother and these two years have gone so quickly, it only feels like yesterday it happened. 

I’ve got so much to do finishing off my last assignment and working. Sometimes all of this can stress me out with knowing what day is approaching but I try stay positive and know that soon I will graduate and uni life would all be worth it in the end.

Grief is such a weird feeling, as those who have experienced it can understand when I say you go through so many emotions. Even two years later I’m still coming to terms with what happened, and as the days go past I still find it so difficult, but for me I try and reach different milestones so I can focus my thoughts on that. 

I would hate any one to go through what I have and lose some one so close to them to mental health as it is such a horrible feeling to go through not knowing why they done what they done. Us as a community can knock down this stigma so that individuals know there not alone and can talk about it, I for one will listen and would love to hear your story’s.

Have a great Monday and remember stay positive and if your feeling low talk to someone 🦋 


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