Today is your day 

Believe in yourself, I know sometimes you can wake up and feel like everything seems to be going wrong … try and turn them negative thoughts into positive ones. Try and focus on yourself and what you want to achieve. 

I know sometimes it’s easier said than done, I’m sure we have all been there. Up coming to the 2nd anniversary of my brother it’s hard to sometimes stay positive as inside you are slowly dying, but you know we are still here and we need to make the most of that one life we live. Keep your mind occupied into something, even if it’s exercise, cooking or playing with your little ones the more your mind is occupied the little you will feel the upset you are feeling, remember your not alone there are millions out there who feel this way – and one main thing to remember is that it’s okay to talk, we need to knock down this stigma to mental health.

Have a lovely weekend, where ever you may be 🦋
Hold your head high, smile and tell yourself today is your day. 


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