Coming up to two years… 

On may the 2nd it will be two years since I lost my brother, possibly the hardest two years of my life …. people used to say it will get easier. I never believed them and still don’t although I’ve learnt to live with it now and build a life a different way. It will never be easy losing some one, so don’t ever listen to those who think they know as every one will go through grief differently. 

Set your mind to something, it helps turn negative events into something positive … this time last year I was practicing for my 10k run 🏃 this was hard for me as I’m. It a runner but if you set your mind to something you can achieve it never let any one tell you different. 

On may 30th me and a friend raised over £1000 to go to mind, to help those who suffer with mental health problems. This year I am starting to share my journey with you. Hope you have a nice day and remember smile 🦋



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